Partners anorexia residential treatment

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anorexia residential treatment

Fundación Privada INDERA

The INDERA Foundation is an organization committed to women´s rights and gender equality. The aim of INDERA is to advocate for womens rights by strengthening and mobilizing people, organizations and institutions through alliances and networking at European and international level. We work to put women?s rights at the forefront and …

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Institut für Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung e.V. – pro-kompetenz


Institut für Projektbegleitung und Kompetenzentwicklung -pro-kompetenz- e.V. Pro-kompetenz ? Institute for Project Support and Competencies Development – was founded in 2003. It is recognized officially as ?Friendly Society?. Objectives:  Design education for promoting, developing and using human potentials in a holistic and sustainable way. Support education providing input from many …

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Peripherie-Institute of Practice-Oriented Gender Research

PERIPHERIE – Institute for practical gender research  PERIPHERIE, the institute for practical gender research, is an independent and non-profit organization, which was founded in the year 2000 as an institute for research and adult education. Our expertise relies on the gender perspective, which we apply in a wide research field …

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