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[Journal about the project (Turkish, English)]


Click here to Download Sample 1 in PDF format.

Click here to Download Sample 2 in PDF format.

Click here to Download Sample 3 in PDF format.

Click here to Download Sample 4 in PDF format.

[Brochure about the proverbs. You should print it and distribute to people. E-Brochure informes the people about proverbs. (Turkish, English)]

Proverb Cards


Back Side


Front Side

(The play cards about proverbs. You should save as image and print 1-8a and 1-8b two sided, and cut it. These cards can be used in teaching the proverbs. You can also print more cards 9-16a and 9-16b, 17-20a and 17-20b.)

Publication by Indera 

[Click to Read, (English)]


 Interview about Proverbs (Turkish)

Guess What Game about Proverbs (English)


[Awareness survey about Proverbs, Click to see analysed results. (Turkish)]

Exhibiton of Quotes

We have exhibited the quotes of important person who is writer, philosopher, politicial, poet etc. We put these quotations in public place of the university. Thus, many people read them. This was the best way to introduce important people and their messages to young people. We have selected different quotations from Turkish, Spanish and German on the exhibition of quotes. This exhibition has provided opportunity to know culture of others.

Sample 1

Sample 2

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