Fundación Privada INDERA

Fundacion Indera

The INDERA Foundation is an organization committed to women´s rights and gender equality. The aim of INDERA is to advocate for womens rights by strengthening and mobilizing people, organizations and institutions through alliances and networking at European and international level. We work to put women?s rights at the forefront and to overcome, among other factors, the ongoing inequalities related to the active exercise of their reproductive and sexual rights, the persistent discrimination in the labour market and gender based violence

To achieve this:
? We build processes towards individual, collective and institutional empowerment in order to exercise active citizenship based on gender equality.
? We promote intergenerational and inter-institutional exchange processes between women and men of diverse socio-economic, political and culture backgrounds.
? We encourage different groups of women and men to work for gender equality.
? We promote reflection as a core process to create alternative visions of masculine and feminine identities, other than the traditional interpretations.
? We develop resources to strengthen the capabilities of people and institutions.

Our work also focuses on the promotion and protection of human rights of people in a situation of exclusion. In this we have a strong focus on gender based violence. We work with diverse groups of immigrant women to establish processes of empowerment and advocacy. Particularly, we strengthen their organizations and and mobilization to achieve active citizenship. In 2011 we organized an international seminar on “The condition and position of women in cross-border circuits” which has been an area of visibility and development of proposals for advocacy work towards public institutions responsible for migration policies. In the same year we started the Grundtvig Partnership “Mentor-me” with a specific focus on mentoring processes between younger and older immigrant women from diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds in order to strengthen their access to the labour market taking into account their multiple situations of exclusion and discrimination. In 2012 we started to work with young immigrant women from Peru and Colombia on the diverse discriminations they are experiencing in their processes of migration. We also work to visualize women in history and their often invisibilized contributions to history.
We are going to present Spanish oral culture products during the project.

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