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Oral Culture Bridge Between the Past and the Future : culturEUbridge

Proverbs, idioms, epigrams and everyday expressions are an important element of the oral culture, which helps us gain an insight into the perspective of life of each community in the world. Therefore, it is necessary that these cultural elements be discovered and appreciated if we want to understand how a given community views the world. Our project aims to build a bridge that connects the past and the the future ; moreover, it will reinforce the bridge between each partner country.

In addition, it aims to create an awareness among the participant communities, which in turn renders a stronger and more sustainable network of relations across EU. The differences and cultural products among the communities across Europe will be appreciated through the means of dissemination which will allow young generations to remember and maintain their own cultural assets and respect those of the other communities, as well.

Furthermore, the project seeks to show the historical and cultural partnership across Europe via such cultural products as proverbs, idioms, epigrams and everyday expressions. The outputs of the project will be disseminated through such means of communication as e-dictionary, e-bibliography, web site, e-bulletins, etc. and this will in return revitalize the oral cultural products in danger of being obsolete and promote the idea of European citizenship.

The fact that the media today connects the whole world and has brought about many advantages; however, we should keep in mind that it has caused the cultural elements of every society to be assimilated. The young population in Europe tend to be oblivious to their own cultural products and alienated from them. That?s why this project is of vital importance for our future as it will help us remember and pass them down to our younger generation. 
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