Last Meeting in Barcelona

29th March 2015 - 03th April 2015

"2nd Nevsehir/Turkey Meeting" 25-29 November 2014


Rostock/Germany Meeting 26-31 August 2014

We were in Rostock for meeting on 26-31 August 2014
We realized third meeting on 30th June-04th July 2014 in Graz, Austria.

The Different Cultures

Participants from different countries have created joyful atmosphere in Graz/Austria.

Bridging Cultures

The overall goal of this Project is to help the young generation to learn and to appreciate both their own cultural values and those of other European communities. Building bridges between our cultures will render a stronger Europe that learns from each other develops understanding and never forgets its own past. Proverbs and sayings are essential components of the history of any given community. Analysing them permits to appreciate similarities and differences in both cultural expressions and perspectives of life of different communities. This Project will also put together quotes on a set of topics made by important personalities (artists, philosophers etc.) of Turkey, Spain, Austria and Germany, which have had profound impacts on each community. It will also produce an e-dictionary on proverbs and sayings in Turkish, English, German and Spanish and an e-bibliography that will become a basis for further research.


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